Field Updates

Stay posted with field updates from our team traveling to Eldoret, Kenya

Join us in prayer as our team of 13 heads out on Friday, August 20th, for Eldoret, Kenya.

We will be traveling first to Nairobi, then catching a quick flight to Eldoret, where we will be serving with the Lawrence family and Calvary Chapel of Eldoret.

From August 24th-27th, the church will be hosting the Calvary Chapel East Africa Pastors and Leaders Conference. We will be helping the church by hosting all of the attendees, doing children’s ministry, evangelism, and anything else that might come up while we are there!

We will be returning to the states on Sunday, August 29th.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer for the trip. Please see below for specific things that you can be in prayer about each day.

We will be posting update videos to the church’s social media accounts, so keep an eye out for those! If you do not use social media, those videos will be posted here on the site after our return.

Please Be Praying

Daily Requests:

Pray for our families as we are gone. Pray for spouses, children, and other loved ones that will be stateside while we are away; pray for daily opportunities to share the gospel and build relationships. Pray for general health and protection from any serious illness. 


The flight departs at 1:45 pm from JFK. Pray for traveling mercies, on-time flights. Pray for the team that the Lord would continue to prepare our hearts for the week ahead.


Arrive in Nairobi at 10:30 am; 2nd flight departs for Eldoret at 3:50 pm. Pray for continued safety during the second flight and no problems at customs on arrival. Pray for unity as we get situated that evening and meet up with Pastor Josh and the others we will be serving with.


Pray for the church services at Calvary Chapel Eldoret. We will be attending one service serving in the children’s ministry the second service. Pray for church family get together the service.


Pray as the team prepares for the Calvary Chapel Kenya pastors and leaders conference. Prepping for several hundred to be in attendance. Pray for the hearts, minds, and bodies of the team as we get over jet lag, take in our surroundings and prepare to serve.


Pray as all attendees begin to arrive. Traveling mercies, safety, and logistics. Pray for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit at the conference begins. Pray for the speakers as they teach through the book of II Peter.


Pray for the service team as they prepare food and make lodging/travel arrangements for attendees. Pray for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit on our own hearts.


Continued prayer for the conference, speakers, and those serving. Pray specifically for all of the senior pastors in attendance for fresh vision, renewed strength, and move of the Spirit amongst their churches.


The conference wraps up in the morning. Pray that the work happening in people’s hearts will continue as they go back to their homes and churches. Pray for everyone traveling. Pray for our women, who will be putting on a ladies’ event in the evening. Pray for the men as they will go evangelizing during this time.


Pray as we make the 6-hour drive back to Nairobi to catch our flight that evening. Continued unity amongst the team. Pray for no delays in our flight, which departs at 11:35 pm


The flight arrives at 7:35 am at JFK. Pray that we can get rest that day as many prepare to go back to work on Monday. Pray that anything the Lord was doing in our hearts individually would continue as we settle back into “normal”.

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”