Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you guys an update on the freight container to Zambia, as well as our trip to set up the radio tower for Lumba Christian Ministries over in Kasempa, Zambia, which by the way have had a direct affect on my lack of postings lately!

Unfortunately the news is bad regarding both the freight container, and our trip to Zambia that was to leave on the 18th of September. The freight container is still in Beira, Mozambique and for reasons that I cannot comprehend, or at this point control, we really don’t have a time on when it will be shipped to Kasempa, Zambia. From what I am being told, there is a dispute between the trucking company taking it to Zambia, and our shipping company who is to pay them. It has something to do with contracts and money and all that stuff, and unfortunately, without me actually going to Mozambique, we may just have to wait it out a bit. Of course that means that I had to cancel our tickets for our trip to go and set up the radio tower from September 18th -28th, but I am trusting that this is the Lord’s will, and that He will have us there in His perfect timing. Also, the longer that this container sits in one place, I think it has a greater chance of looters getting to it, and the contents being stolen. So I am asking you guys (and anyone else that you give this to) to please labor in prayer for this container to leave Mozambique quickly, and arrive in Kasempa, Zambia with all of it’s contents still in there. I would love to see a miracle take place, and the Lord to receive even more glory for what has taken place, so that’s what I’m praying for.

Regarding God’s sovereignty, I really believe that He is in control in this situation. One of the reasons is that now, the Lord has freed me up a little more to concentrate on our El Salvador medical missions trip this October 31st – November 8th. There are allot of details in regards to getting the proper licenses, and approvals for our trip, and it is taking up more of my time that previously expected. I am very excited about this trip as it is our first medical trip to El Salvador, and the Lord has opened up many doors to minister the love of Christ in various Calvary Chapel church plants throughout El Salvador. Please be praying for this trip as well – that we would receive all of the medicine that we are trying to collect (if you know anyone who is a pharmacist, or works in a hospital or a drug rep that could help in donating medicine please let me know), also pray that the Lord would continue to unite our group as we meet and pray, and prepare for this trip.

I really appreciate all of your prayers, and please feel free to pass this link on to others who can be praying for us. In a couple of days, I’ll be posting on

“The Great Commission, the Great Commandment, and the Great Compassion”.