Prayer is the translation into a thousand different words of a single sentence: ” Apart from me (Christ), you can do nothing”. How we need to wake up to how much nothing we spend out time doing – John Piper

In one of the books that I am currently reading, I came across this statement, and I must confess that the Lord challenged me about the truth of that statement written above. We all know John 15:5, but I guess the thing that the Lord spoke to me about was, do I believe it. If I truly did believe it for all that it is, I would so often have another answer to the daily tasks of my life. The emails that have to be answered or written, or to the phone call that needs to be made, or the people that need counsel, or the meeting I have to run to, all the while His voice calmly speaking, “Without Me, you can do nothing”. How I long for that extra hour or two to spend in His presence. How I need it.

Though during this time of the year we are filled with joy, and love, and we reflect upon the “Child that was born, the Son that was given”, I also personally know that we can often be overcome with stress, and we often are running here or there, or trying to finish this or that and all the while the Lord is saying “your anxious, and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary”. Let us labor to spend time with the One who alone says, “without Me, you can do nothing”.