We are serving in Northern Russia in a region known as Yamal which translates as “end of the earth”. Our overall goal is to see the gospel go out and change the lives of the indigenous people in this part of the world. We seek to achieve this goal by planting small churches throughout the region as people come to know Christ. Our desire is that these churches be equipped to continue to study through God’s word and its power change their lives as the fellowship, pray, and draw closer to their Savior.

– For our girls as they are in public school here. That they would gain a greater understanding of the Russian language/culture and be a light to those around them.
– For the strength to persevere through the challenges of life here
– For wisdom in decision making regarding ministry, work, and family
– That we would be able to find our own meeting place for our Sunday services
– For the people here to have a true encounter with God
– That God would supply the resources needed to reach the hardest to reach places

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