Like the title states, we have 11 days before leaving for our medical missions trip to Zambia. The dates are Nov. 1st – 15th. Our team consists of 4 nurses, 1 optometrist, 2 pastors, and 3 support people. We’ll be conducting free medical clinics in the outlining villages of the Kasempa district in the North West Province of Zambia. While the villagers are waiting to be treated a full presentation of the gospel will be given, with opportunities for prayer and the handing out of Bibles and other literature. (That’s what it is all about right !) The clinics will be held in local churches so when people get saved, we plug them in at the church where they are at. We’ll also be hosting a 3 day Inductive Bible Study workshop lead by Pastor Harry Presly from CC Bellmawr, and a Pastors Conference where local Pastors and church leaders from all denominations can come and hear the Word of God taught verse by verse. The website for Ron and Bridget Wint of Lumba Christian Ministries our missionaries on the field) is if you want more information on what else is going on there.

I’ll post all of the things that are happening in Kasempa, Zambia with Lumba Christian Ministries (orphanage, school of ministry, farm, radio station) when we get back from our trip. Please continue to check back for pictures of our trip, and for posts / prayer requests while we’re in Zambia. We need your prayers ! Below is a list of things we are currently asking you guys to lift before our Father.

Oh yeah – the pic’s are from our last medical trip to Zambia – March, 07