be involved





Financial giving is great and often a necessary component to supporting ministries abroad, and we encourage you to do so.

But it is not the only way that you can be involved.

So what else can you do?


Pray for Missions

One of the most necessary components of missionary support is genuine, heartfelt and committed prayer. All other missionary needs fall within the scope of dedicated prayer and it is recognized by everyone in the foreign field as a vital component of any ministry. We can never have enough people who will commit to consistently praying for our missionaries and the works they are involved in.


Participate in a Missions Trip

Consider doing a short-term trip as part of a team to visit one of our missionary families. This often provides encouragement and rest to the missionaries, and usually ministers greatly to those who go on the trips.


Adopt a Missionary

Talk to your family about “adopting” a missionary or missionary family. Aside from finances and prayer, this could also include keeping up with the work that they are doing and corresponding with them, sending them care packages at the holidays or birthdays, having a meal with them when they are home on furlough, or perhaps even visiting them.


            Be a Part of a Sending Support Team

Consider partnering with others who have a heart for missions to take on responsibility for moral, logistical, financial, prayer, communication and re-entry support for a specific missionary; Sending support teams provide a level of support that is not there otherwise. Great for home fellowships.

Visit our missions table, to pick up a prayer card for any of our supported missionaries as well as updated prayer requests.

Some of these cards also contain personal contact information from which you can get in touch with the missionary directly, along with details for how you can support them financially.


Got any ideas, questions, feedback? 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or interests regarding Missions.

We would love to hear from you!