I know it has been a week since we got back, but it took a little while to get back into the swing of things. I figured an update would be appropriate. I really just wanted to thank everyone for praying for our team, and the trip as a whole. We saw the Lord provide for us in incredible ways, and we were encouraged to know that we had our brothers and sisters praying for us back home. The foundations for the radio tower were poured (all four), the Inductive Bible Study was a great blessing and the pastors and church leaders were all excited about putting this techinique to use. The Lord opened up a huge door to continue ministering in the Leper Colony, and our relationship with Mukinge Hospital continued to grow as we partnered up with them for our clinics in the villages. Our two lost bags were found, and the hospital was able to receive them – they contained a large amount of much needed medicine. We got to debrief at Kafue National Park where we had the pleasure of seeing lions, hippos, crocs, zebra, and even a leopard. It was a great trip, and the Lord is still showing me things that He is desiring to teach me through our experiences over the last three weeks. We will be showing a short video in the next couple of weeks at Calvary highlighting some of what we did.

I’ll post some video on our dropshots site soon, but for now, you can check out some pictures that I loaded on www.dropshots.com/ccphillymissions