This post is from Friday.

1st Day in Uganda!

Hi guys, I have wireless for the moment so I wanted to write and let you know that we are all doing well here. We had 2 uneventful flights, all our bags arrived, and we got to bed around 1:30 am on Thursday night. Today we spent the day at CC Entebbe where we mixed some concrete for a school room floor, moved some shelves around, wired a room, and painted a school room. School starts next Monday here at the church, so there was lots of work to do! After that we had meetings with the Ugandan Medical team from CC Entebbe, and had a meeting with their children’s department to talk about the children’s vbs on the islands. It went great, and its such a joy to be able to work alongside such great people here at CC Entebbe. They are all such a joy to be around. So it was a full day here and still with our jet lag we are wiped out now. We will all sleep well tonight! Tomorrow we will help feed 300-400 kids at the Kids Club at church, then get ready for our week on the islands. Thanks for praying for us, keep it coming!