Fred and I standing in front of our 9 month project !
This was pretty interesting. I’m glad someone knows how to do this type of thing…cause I don’t !

A freight container and Adoniram Judson
Hi everyone. Well, your probably wondering what our freight container going to Kasempa, Zambia and Adoniram Judson have in common. Probably very little besides the fact that Adoniram could only dream about how quickly we would be able to take things around the world, and how safe and common our transportation is these days. Let me write about the freight container first, and then I would like to close with maybe a quote or two from Adoniram’s biography in which I am still reading (it’s about 550pgs).

About nine months ago we put out to the congregation that we were looking for a radio tower to set up in Zambia – our missionaries Ron and Bridget Wint who are serving in Kasempa (Northwest Province) obtained a permit to set up the first F.M. radio station in the entire area. Someone from our congregation purchased one and from there it was a matter of how we were going to get it to the middle of the African bush. We decided to purchase a sea freight container in which we could not only fit the radio tower, but also basically everything, and anything else that they needed. It took awhile to get everything donated, and then to get the proper permits from the government to ship this radio equipment, but I am happy to say that finally this container is on it’s way. Those in our missions prayer group know the trials involved in this project, and are rejoicing with me that the Lord has answered our prayers in getting this out to sea. So now that the easy part is done, I’m asking that you guys be praying for a safe journey, and that this container would get to it’s final destination quickly, and without the problems of looters stealing from it, and government officials seeking bribes to get it through their countries! It will leave from New York (Lord willing on Thursday), then it will travel by sea to Durban, South Africa. From there, please pray that our shipper can arrange for an honest, quick, reliable driver to drive it across three countries (South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia) and to get it to Ron and Bridget in Kasempa in one piece! Please be praying for this – the fruit that will come out of a 24 hour Christian Radio station (the only station in the area) that will be broadcasting the teaching of God’s Word both in the local dialect, and in English will be huge. I know that the enemy will try to do everything in his power to delay this container from getting to them – please be praying!

So back to Adoniram – as he and wife Nancy arrived in Calcutta, India they heard nothing but horror stories about Burma, and all they had come in contact (missionaries as well) told them that the savages in Burma could never understand the gospel and be converted. Despite all of this, Adoniram writes,

“The poor Burmans are entirely destitute of those consolations and joys which constitute our happiness; and why should we be unwilling to part with a few fleeting, inconsiderable comforts, for the sake of making them sharers with us in joys exalted as heaven, durable as eternity! We cannot expect to do much, in such a rough, uncultivated field; yet, if we may be instrumental in removing some of the rubbish, and preparing the way for others, it will be a sufficient reward. I have been accustomed to view this field of labor, with dread, and terror; but I know feel perfectly willing to make it my home the rest of my life.”

Within 2 weeks of their departure from Madras,India to Rangoon,Burma Nancy would give birth with no help on board to a still born baby. Within the next two years in Burma they would see the wife of their missionary partner Felix Carrey, and their two children drown due to a capsized boat, as well as their second child Roger enter eternity with Jesus at the age of 6 months. Through all of this, and with much grace, the Judson’s remained steadfast to the call of the Lord.