After 2 airplanes and a van ride, we arrived safely at C.C. Philly at 10:30 on Wednesday morning. All of our personal bags arrived, and all of our equipment arrived in one piece as well. Sorry I didn’t write earlier, but between sleeping and hanging out with my much missed family, I really didn’t think about it. I have many good things to write concerning this trip, and I will also ask some of the kids to write about the moments that impacted them the most while in Brazil. So please continue to check this site for more updates, as well as some updates on our team that will be leaving for Mexico in a week or so. I will try to post some more video, and pictures as I have the time. Thanks again for all of your prayers for this trip. I really believe that you all were a part of this team, and that in eternity you will receive crowns for the fruit that was borne during this trip to Brazil. Stay tuned.

Above – The first high school outreach that we did while in Campo.

Above – The fourth high school outreach we did while in Campo.