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During this years Missions Conference I had the opportunity to sit down with some of my friends and fellow ministry partners involved in missions and have a great conversation about how the church should be viewing “native missionaries”.  What are their role in the Great Commission? How should the church in the U.S. relate to them and help them? Do they/should they take the place of Western churches raising and sending their own out to the ends of the earth? The scandal associated with one of the largest proponents of only supporting “native missionaries” this last year has brought up many questioned raised by churches as well as missions mined individuals regarding what the role of “native missionary” should be. I hope that this discussion will help shed some light on what God’s Word tells us about this issue.


This video will be part of a longer series that Matt Ellison is doing called “The Mission Table”. You can go online to their website HERE and view some of the other discussions they have such as how to deal with the current refugee crisis, questions relating to child sponsorship and it’s validity, how should believers respond to Islam, as well as many other topics relative to our culture today.  I highly recommend it as I believe these discussions will help you garner a more Jesus centered, Biblical view on the topics discussed.