Hello everyone.  I wanted to introduce you all to Ben and Emily Spector.  They are C.C. Philly’s newest missionary couple that have been sent out to help with a Calvary church plant in Split, Croatia.  Ben grew up here at C.C. Philly and it’s a blessing to be part of what he Lord is doing in his life – leading him to a second culture to be a light in the darkness.  To learn more about what they are doing there in Split Croatia, and how you can support them (monetarily and spiritually),  please check out their blog at www.thespectors.wordpress.com

Here is the latest on what they have been up to since arriving in Split in late September.

Ben and Emily Spector – Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast of Croatia. There’s a saying in Split that in the Fall, people go straight from their swimsuits to their jackets, and in the Spring, from their jackets to their swimsuits. When we arrived at the end of September, we experienced this first hand, quite literally, and along with it, a new season of ministry. It’s been just over a month now, and already, much is taking place.

We began language classes several days after we got here, and the Lord has been faithful to help us retain all the information and actually use some of it. We started up an English Conversation Class on Thursday evenings at our apartment as a form of outreach and to get involved in the community. So far, two girls have attended and are enjoying it. On Friday nights, we’ve been going out on the streets and talking to people about the Lord. It’s been very exciting seeing fruit and relationships established with people from this as well. Recently, we’ve also been getting weekly opportunities to meet with people in the small fellowship here, and also some of our unsaved friends, fellowshipping, and seeking to encourage. It’s been very sweet to get to know them better as well as to share the gospel with those who need to hear.

The culture in Croatia is very oppressive to Christianity here. Being a Roman Catholic nation (out of a population of 4.5 million, less than 0.3% claim to be protestant), it’s an atrocity to claim to believe anything else. Although they consider themselves very religious, there is a lack of relationship with Jesus Christ, and the spiritual darkness here is very evident. Our hearts are very burdened for the people here and the lack of truth that is proclaimed. Our vision is to be witnesses in this lost city, to build up the fellowship of believers, and lastly to learn the language and get adapted to the culture. Eventually, we hope to be involved in church planting in other parts of Croatia and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this people group.