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Blessed are the Flexible-VBS on the Hockey Rink (7/6-7/8)

The VBS was scheduled to take place at the Thomas Cheechoo Memorial Hall, but due to deaths of some Moose Factory residents, the hall was needed for funeral services during the time we hosted VBS.  We were offered the adjacent hockey rink at no extra charge.  So Wed. through Sat. we are hosting the VBS on the ice (actually there’s no ice) but very cool  nonetheless.  The Lord has given us great favor and His hand is upon us for the good.  Some of the young adults from Cree Gospel have been joining us and serving each day-praise God for the Body of Christ.

Yesterday, Josh and I stopped by the Nishnawbe Aski police office, these officers police the reserve on Moose Factory.  There was only one officer on duty & I’d met him the day before at the Northern store.  I shared some decals and PPD patches with him.  We were able to converse, give him a Life in 6 Words gospel booklet and tell him what the 6 words (God our sin paying everyone life).  He told us that he’d read the booklet.  We prayed for him as we left the parking lot and believe our Gracious & Good God will draw him to the Cross.

This evening (Fri. 7/8) at 6:30pm we are hosting an Ice Cream Social & Movie “Woodlawn” for Jr high & High School students.  This morning, Josh Medvic and I took the barge over to Moosonee to pick up ice cream and toppings. While there I stopped by the Moosonee office of the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) to share some materials and kind words on this tragic & very difficult day for law enforcement officers everywhere.

We are praying for many youth to attend tonight’s event & most of all the manifest presence of our Great God & Savior Jesus to touch, draw, and revolutionize their lives forever.  May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering.

Hallelujah Jesus!