* Due to the sensitive nature of the country in which our brother is ministering in, I will not be publishing the Country name, city names, or any names of people listed below.

Our brother Brian from C.C. Philly is North Africa currently ministering to refugee’s as well as MBB (Muslim Background Believers).  His trip of 2 weeks is half way over. Below is an update written to me from Brian – it will help us know how to continue to be praying for him.  Here is the update :

We arrived safely on Friday night with all our luggage in tow. We were staying at a guest house while waiting for authorization to fly out on the UN plane to ******…. in the east.  Saturday morning I had the opportunity to jump right in and went to the big market in town with M*****, an evangelist at who is working on audio tapes and literature for several unreached people groups here.  We met with street merchants and contacts she had passing out tapes and discussing the tracts of John’s gospel.

On Sunday we went to an international church service where I had the opportunity to meet many of the other families and workers in ***** from all over the country. Later that day we had coffee and dinner with a Muslim Background Believer (MBB) named A*****. It was wonderful getting to talk with him and hear his testimony. Please pray for him as he is being persecuted by his family. He has an uncle (armed with a gun) who is looking all over ******* for him. He also has another uncle who is the patriarch of the family who is supposed to be meeting with him to discuss his future in his clan. Also, pray for the handful of MBB’s that are here in the capital that they would be encouraged in the faith.  Now it is Wednesday, and we have had several eventful days in *****. Yesterday, we met with several MBB’s who live in the town and walked around the town meeting people.

Today we had a day of prayer and I got to meet all of the Christian workers in ******. One in particular was very interesting to speak with. She has been here for 12 years and has a ministry where she goes out into the bush and backpacks with the nomads and teaches a literacy program to them. She is a gifted evangelist. In speaking with everyone here, there seems to be quite a
need for male evangelist and teachers for discipleship of new believers.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will be speaking to me during all the conversations that I have with the workers here. One interesting thing that came out of our prayer meeting today is that everyone here affirmed that they have been praying for quite some time for male workers, single or married, to come out to do the work of evangelism and discipleship that is culturally hard for the women to do here. Please pray that if there is an open door here for my family that the Lord will speak clearly to me  about it.

Please keep Brian and the rest of his trip in your prayer this week. I will update as soon as I get some more information from him.