Hello everyone. Our trip to Brazil has been going great. We’re now at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Campo Mourau, Brazil. The annual Calvary church conference is being held now. Basically it is a time for all of the Calvary Chapel’s in Brazil (those who can travel here) to get together and fellowship/ worship / and study the Word together. Traditionally most churches in Brazil will have their conferences during “carnival” to escape the madness in their cities – and that is what the Calvary fellowships are doing now annually. It’s been a blessing to hang out and fellowship with the pastors of the different Calvary Chapels here in Brazil, as well as to get to know their congregations represented here. The Lord is doing a great work here in Brazil, and with less than 8 Calvary Chapels, in a country the size of the United States, the owrk has only begun!
It’s great to have a Calvary Bible College here in Brazil now. I really believe that the Lord is going to use this place as a sending hub for more missionaries going out all over South America. I think that more laborers will go out to help the works that are currently started, as well as to start new works here in Brazil, and in neighboring Argentina, and Paraguay. You can learn more about the Bible College at http://www.ccbcbrazil.com/ . The property is amazing. Everything is manicured – from the grand atrium in the main building, to the pool area, to the soccer fields, and the coffee shop, and student dorms. You can tell that a lot of hard work has been poured into this property – it’s a blessing to be here, and to be able to study the Word here.
Please continue to pray for the rest of the conference today and tomorrow. I really believe that the Lord wants to do more in the hearts and lives of those here. Pray that no one would leave tomorrow without really hearing from the Lord, and if they don’t know Him, that they would surrender their lives to Jesus while being here. Please also pray for our travels back home on Wednesday. We’ll be on three different flights, and will get back to the States on Thursday morning. I will update some more on the trip in a couple of days, and will share about the trip at MISSIONS PRAYER on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th in the PRAYER ROOM.

picture 1 – the atrium inside the main building

picture 2 – the outside of the main building
picture 3 – worship last night during the conference