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October 1st – October 4th were the dates of the first annual Calvary Chapel East Africa Pastor’s Conference, held this year at a conference center on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.  I had the privilege of being invited to speak by Pastor Craig Lindquist of CC Entebbe, who, in conjunction with CC Kampala were the ones hosting this event.  Some of the other speakers included Pastor’s Don McClure, Kevin Henesy, Rob McCoy, and Rick Brown (pictured above).  There were over 150 pastors and leaders in attendance from Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and Zambia.  For many of these local Calvary pastor’s it was the first time meeting Calvary pastor’s from other east African countries. To see them joining together in worship, praying with one another, and fellowshipping with each other over meals was such a great sight.  It was so encouraging to hear about how the Lord is working in and through them for His glory.  I remember one night when we had a time of prayer for the pastors, the first brother who came up to me to ask for prayer wanted prayer regarding his wife.  I asked him how I could pray for her, and he told me that his brothers wanted to kill her because he took such good care of her, and they were jealous over that.  He continued telling me that he has been hiding in the woods with his wife, and kids for a couple of weeks, and wanted to pray that he could go back home, and that the Lord would protect his family.  Others were asking for prayer for strength for when they were being persecuted, and still others for boldness to share Christ with radical muslims in their villages.  I was touched by the serious issues these pastor’s were facing on a daily basis, and was reminded to continue to remember them in my prayers as I went back home.  Hearing those prayer requests put a lot of things into perspective in my own life. It was a night I will not soon forget about.

After the conference was over I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Pastor Ackson from Calvary Chapel of Ndola, Zambia. (There is a picture of the two of us above).  I was able to show him CC Entebbe, and the different ministries they had going on there.  We got to take a boat to an island that their Medical Team has been working with, take part in a service at CC Nangombe, their new church plant in the village where their 10 acre farm is located (pictured above inside the tent), as well as be a part of their Saturday Kids Club, and Sunday services.   Every time I go back there, they have more things that they are doing to reach their community for the Lord.  The Lord is blessing the ministry there in CC Entebbe, and it was great for Pastor Ackson to see such fruit born from those different ministries.

Thanks to all who prayed for this trip.  The Lord richly blessed our time there, and it was an encouragement for the pastor’s in East Africa, as well as those who visited from the States.  I can’t wait to be back there in early February for our Medical Missions trip to the islands there on Lake Victoria.