Hey everybody, I just wanted to update everyone on my trip to Brazil. My self and another brother from C.C. Philly are here in Iguazu Falls, Brazil visiting a dear friend of mine Tim Rogers who is the pastor of the Calvary Chapel here at Falls. This is his second church plant here in Brazil, with the first church in San Vicente under national leadership now. I got to speak at the mid-week service tonight which was a great blessing…..for me anyway! The service was in their backyard under the deck – what an awesome night, worshipping the Lord together in Portuguese! Iguazu Falls, has a large population of Chinese, and Lebanese folks, so that would explain why I had one of the best swarmas of my life for dinner today here in Falls. We will be going up to a Calvary Chapel Brazil – church conference at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Campo Mourao, Brazil http://www.ccbcbrazil.com/ (about 5 hours away from Falls). The conference will be from Saturday – Wednesday. I would ask you guys to pray that the Lord would give us wisdom, on how to encourage those that we meet at the conference, and that He would continue to show us how He may want us to get involved with the various church plants here in Brazil. I should be able to update in a couple of days. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
PICTURE 1 – The beautiful Iguazu Falls !
PICTURE 2 – Me with Tim and his 2 little ones Bethany, and Abraham, and Jenna Faehl (CCBC Brazil student……and part of our C.C. Philly family)
PICTURE 3 – Overview of part of the falls

I’ll leave you guys with this question.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Brazil, lunch in Paraguay, and dinner in Argentina ?