Well after the usual last minute packing frenzy, crazy bus ride to JFK and all the joys of air travel this time of year, we are all very blessed to be at our hotel in San Salvador on schedule and with no major losses or injuries. We are staying in a pretty updated part of downtown (Burger King and Pizza Hut are within walking distance), but no one could mistake the change as we drove the hour from the airport to the capital and were witness to rural living in Central America, filled with shacks and people trying to make a living however they can. Tomorrow we are heading out of the capital to one of the smaller churches which is in a more remote area of the country. Our desire is to encourage the Church that is there as well as help them reach out to the community and share the love of Christ. So if you would pray for us that would be great, the Lord has already answered little and big prayers alike in amazing ways. Now we are looking forward to seeing what doors He will open up for us as we go out.
God Bless,
Trevor Steenbakkers