Everything is going great down here, yesterday was our first real outreatch of the trip. We drove almost 2.5 hrs which is half way across the country to the town of Santa Maria where pastor Mario and his wife have been leading Calvary Chapel Santa Maria for 6 years. They were such great hosts, he rode all the way to our hotel on a bus, then rode with us out there only to turn around and lead us back and then take the bus back early this morning and bus travel is what you might expect in a country like this. We did an outreach with the kids in the area which was great and they invited the parents to stay when they picked up their kids and Rob and the girls did a great concert. Half of the kids and parents who came out, it was there first time at the church and pastor Mario was really excited. The sign by the church says the church who worships the god of Israel, that was very cool. We got back late to San Salvador, tired but very blessed by the whole day.