Sorry for the delay but things are always busy. Saturday night the team was at Calvary Chapel San Salvador helping with the sunday school while Rob and the girls sang in the main service. Alde also got an opportunity to share his testimony at each service.

Sunday morning we got to the church early to help feed some of the neighborhood kids and then joined some of the girls from the church who take sunday school into the streets and some of the tougher neighborhoods in San Salvador. Their heart for the kids and their dedication left an impression on all of us as well as some of the sweetest kids ever.

Today was crazy, from start to finish worked hard and saw the Lord really bless in some cool ways. We started by driving to one of the smaller Calvary’s. They were in need of a new building so we helped out by digging the footings and putting up the structure needed for the new building. The project was led by Craig and Ruth Riddell with help from Justin, Matt and Preston. After that we left to the center of town to do an outreach with the kids and adults which was the best one so far, the kids were great and we had a lot of cool opportunities to talk to people. We were also treated to a great sunset. A great way to ring in the new year!
Speacial thanks to Hannah Rissinger for her help with the blog.