The two days of VBS have been wonderful. On Friday night we returned to El Mirador (Overlook Park) for another ministry site and people came to Christ. There was a tremendous storm brewing all around us: dark clouds, visible rain with lightning & the LORD graciously gave us a canopy of storm free sky until our ministry was completed.
Capilla had obtained the use of the gymnasium in downtown Cuauhtemoc for a 2 session martial arts demo featuring our Doug Walters (4th degree black belt master) Tae Kwon Do, American Kempo & kickboxing. Doug, his wife Donna, and son Corey have worked with other members of our team (Zach, Ed, Austin, & Josh) to assist them in demonstrating self defense, board & brick breaking for the two scheduled presentations. They’ve been interviewed by local television twice this week and a city paper came to one of our ministry sites to speak with them and take a photo of the team.
This morning we arrived at the gym with a bit of bedlam surrounding the building. Although the facility had been reserved many weeks before there was a government assistance distribution taking place in the lobby involving hundreds of folks in long lines. Where there will be blessing there is usually a battle. We used the side entrance to unload the equipment and materials. Carpet was unrolled at center court where the board & brick breaking would take place & we walked the gymnasium praying for those who would attend. While the two Champion drama teams received their make up the remaining team members walked a couple of blocks to a downtown park called the Plaza to hand out flyers and invite folks to attend the free event. Two programs were scheduled, a Noon & 3pm program. The Champion drama was presented before the martial arts and Christ was powerfully represented.

The Demo team went to work & there hard work preparing was blessed of the LORD. Here Doug is demonstrating a self defense technique and Zach feels it. Zach has done an amazing job the past couple months training to represent Jesus using martial arts as a platform.

Ed had never broken bricks before but here he goes through a stack of five.

There was an exhortation from God’s Word & invitation to Christ given by Doug at each presentation.
After the invitation, our MIG (ministry teams) would engage people on the floor & in the stands sharing their faith, answering questions and praying with people.
We had the joy of praying with children, youth and adults to receive Christ & gave out over 175 new Testaments. A precious moment for me was meeting a female police officer named Reina who had just received Christ and then both of us remembering she was a cadet at the academy in 2005 when some of our CC law enforcement held a couple days of training in police procedures as well as sharing their faith in Christ. It was a sweet moment. Here is one of our many new brothers in Christ.
This is our new brother Salvador (on the right) with Enrique Robledo, one of Capilla’s pastors.

Great is the LORD & Greatly to be Praised. Thanks for praying for & with us-please don’t stop.