We loaded the vans with equipment, literature, & our team and headed to a sports park near Capilla (local Calvary Chapel). By God’s grace it was prime time: people playing soccer, basketball, children in the playground, an addictions rehab class letting out & folks just chilling in the park. We set up our sound equipment and blasted out some tunes in Spanish by Michelle Bonilla. As folks began to gather to check out what’s going on, we were introduced to the crowd.
The team then presented our ice breaker skit, “The Doctor’s Office”. This was followed by a presentation by our martial arts demo team led by instructor’s Doug & Donna Walters. They wowed the crowd with their kata forms, self defense moves and board breaking by three other members of our team Zach, Austin & Ed. The demo’s climax was Doug breaking a stack of boards. Austin then shared his Jesus Story (testimony) with the crowd.
The evangelistic drama The Champion followed the testimony. This team of students represented hard core for their KING. The drama proclaims the victory of Christ Jesus over death & Satan.

After the drama the gospel was explained and an invitation to Christ extended. Individuals (children, youth & adults) began to come forward to receive Christ. Our ministry groups then went among the crowd and folks around the park to share literature and present the gospel. The presence of Jesus was sweetly apparent. People prayed to receive Christ throughout the park. One worker from Capilla was praying for words to begin a conversation with a couple she saw and as the approached them before she spoke to them, the couple said she was told “we heard the message we want to receive Christ” What a joy to be fellow workers with Him Who loved us & gave Himself for us. Thanks for praying for us-don’t stop.