Hello everyone, I know it’s been awhile since my last post.  I apologize, and I will be making regular posts in 2009 !  So, the past couple months have been very busy preparing for a medical trip to El Salvador, our trip to set up the radio tower in Zambia, and also preparing for a trip to Israel and Jordan in February. 

Myself, and a small group of engineers, radio installers, and laborers will be leaving to go to Kasempa, Zambia on Sunday, January 4th.  We will be going to the property of Lumba Christian Ministries to set up the first F.M. radio station in the entire area.  January isn’t exactly the best time to travel to Zambia as it’s smack dab in the middle of their rainy season, and also the middle of their summer.  We had no choice to delay our trip as the extension for our radio station permit expires the end of January. So we’re praying that the Lord will give us a couple of days without rain so that we can set up this 100 ft tower.  I really don’t want to be climbing that thing in the rain!  
During our 12 day stay I will also be doing some teaching which I am excited about.  I will be teaching on missions with the pastors from the Bible School for two days, as well as teaching at various churches that have invited me to share with them and to seek the Lord together.  In addition to setting up the radio tower,  setting up the actual radio station, teaching at the Bible School, and at various churches, we will also be working with the local hospital “Mukinge Hospital” which is a ministry of Samaritans Purse.  We will be partnering with them to help with the leper colony that we were working with during our last medical trip in November of ’07.  This year in ’09 we will be providing the funding to supply the vilage with enough food for them for an entire year! 
So as much as I can, I will be updating this site with pictures from our trip.  Please be praying for a couple of things : 
Safe Travels – not only our two flights, but also our 12 hour drive once we get to Lusaka.  It’s rainy season, so we may be battling heavy rains while driving. Also, this will be my first time driving there without anyone guiding me. Please pray that I can find my way there!
Quick set-up of the Radio Tower, and Station –  Pray that we would have all of the tools necessary, as well as the proper know how to get this 100 ft. tower, and the radio antenna installed.  One small problem can be a HUGE problem in the bush where the nearest town is 2  1/2 hours away!
Effective Ministry – Pray that the Lord would use His Word to minister to the pastors that I will speak to a the Bible School. Please also pray that the Lord would meet us as we gather (the local churches) to seek the Lord, and study His Word.
Team Unity – Pray that the Lord would take a team (1 from Canada, 1 from Arkansas, and the rest from Philly) and build us together in Him.  I’m really praying that we will have a sweet time of Christian fellowship each day throughout the trip.
Something personal from Jesus – Whenever I get back from a trip, I always say that the Lord always does more work in my heart then anything that I could ever give to the people I have ministered to.  Pray that each of us would come back with something that the Lord has showed us, something He has done in our hearts and lives while there.
Keep checking back, I promise I will be writing! Thanks in advance for your prayer.