So tomorrow our group of 14 will head out for the islands on Lake Victoria, Uganda. This is basically a repeat of the medical trip we did last March of 2012 but this time we will also be adding an evangelism team that will be setting up daily Kids Clubs on each of the islands we minister on. Please pray for us. This trip is not an easy one. While on the islands we will have no electricity, no bathrooms, no beds, no kitchens, and will be roughing it camping out in tents. The diseases that are around us range from malaria to yellow fever to parasites in the water. But our Lord is strong and mighty and we are praying that He would strengthen us each day and keep us healthy for the work that is before us. Below is a daily itinerary so that you can come along with us each day through prayer. Thanks in advance. I will try to post more when we get there.

Uganda Medical Missions Trip :

January 24th – February 4th

Please pray for our team of 14 as we travel to Uganda and minister the love of Christ to island communities on Lake Victoria, Uganda alongside of Calvary Chapel of Entebbe. Please pray for 1. Our safety traveling there, and on these 5 different islands 2. That the Lord would grant us health and strength to minister during the entire trip 3. That many people would come to know the Lord as the gospel is shared 4. That C.C. Entebbe would be refreshed and blessed by our visit 5. That our team would be unified and would seek to serve one another in humility.

Thursday night, January 24th – Arrive late into Entebbe, Uganda

Friday, January 25th – Recover from jetlag, and meet with the staff and medical team from C.C. Entebbe to go over all the supplies and make sure everything is in order for the week of medical clinics.

Saturday, January 26th – Help out with the Children’s Club that C.C. Entebbe host every Saturday. 300 – 400 kids are in attendance every week.

Sunday, January 27th – Church service in the morning at Calvary Chapel of Entebbe. After the service we will get ready to leave on a 3 hour boat ride on Lake Victoria on two boats to the first island that we will be camping on.

Monday, January 28th – Hold our first medical clinic on the island we arrived at on Sunday. Half the team will be involved in a Kids Club ministry where they will share Bible stories on the Life of Christ, do crafts, and play games with the children on the island.

Tuesday, January 29th – Travel 30 minutes by boat to a neighboring island to host our second medical clinic and kids ministry. Take down our camp, load up the boats, and travel 3 hours to Zinga Island where we will set up our new camp and get ready for our medical clinic there on Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 30th – Hold medical clinic and kids club on Zinga Island.

Thursday, January 31st – Travel by boat to a neighboring island to host a medical clinic and kids ministry.

Friday, February 1st – Travel by boat to a neighboring island to host our last medical clinic and kids ministry. Break down our camp, load up our boats and prepare for a 3 hour boat ride back to C.C. Entebbe, and the mainland of Uganda.

Saturday, February 2nd – Free day to rest, and spend some time seeing the area, and shopping in the local market.

Sunday, February 3rd – Pastor Carlos will teach the service at C.C. Entebbe. The team will have a last meal together with the church and with Pastor Craig Lindquist, then will pack their bags and prepare for the flight home – leaving late Sunday night, and traveling through London back to the U.S.

Monday, February 4th – Return to Newark Airport, travel back to C.C. Philly