We set out from El Paso on Sunday morning for a 6-7 hour drive to Cuauhtemoc City, little did I know we would arrive in the wee hours of Monday morning. Our convoy of 6 vans crossed into Mexico at Santa Theresa and headed into the Mexican immigration building to get our visas and van permits to enable travel into Mexico’s interior.

As we got onto the highway heading for a welcome lunch in the town of Via Ahumada we were stopped at a checkpoint and found out there was an error with two of our vehicle permits (VIN# didn’t match what was on the permit). The federal officer told us the vans would have to return to immigration office to have the matter resolved.

While three of the vans proceeded to Via Ahumada, the two vans headed back to get the proper permits to travel to Cuauhtemoc. This took almost four hours of travel, conferencing with officials and much prayer. When we met up with the team in Via Ahumad (they were prayerfully & patiently waiting 4 us) it was a comforting reunion.

Not only did the LORD work on our behalf to obtain the corrected vehicle permits, to the glory of His Son, He used the time in Via Ahumada for the team to be salt & light to the restaurant staff. Before we drove on to Cuauhtemoc, two precious young women at the restaurant received Christ as Savior & Lord. What the enemy works for evil the God of all Grace turns for His glory & our good. Here’s a picture of our two new sisters in Christ. Antonia Torres & Alma Torres