Our last couple of days of the trip were some of the best. We spent all day on Thursday at the orphanage in San Martin that is run by Potter’s Field and the main church in San Salvador. We had a great time hanging out with the kids. Someone from our church had given us new baseball gloves, bats and balls to give out and they had a perfect place to play there on the property. Some of the kids were naturals to say the least. They also have a Calvary that meets there on the grounds and the day we were there was the kick off to their after school ministry that they were starting, so were were blessed to be able to jump in and help with that. Rob and I both sensed the Lord’s blessing there in a great way and we are really excited to see what the Lord is going to do there.
Friday was going to be our day off, but because of the high winds we were not able to do a couple of things that we wanted to, but that was the Lord’s plan all along. We were able to get into the only children’s hospital in the country and minister to the kids on the blood disease floor. There is a sweet lady from the main church whose son spent a lot of time on that floor before the Lord totally healed him and now she goes back to minister to the parents there, so it was awesome to minister alongside her and her son David. The kids were really sweet and our guys brought some bright light into an otherwise depressing place. The puppets, baloons, stickers and songs were enjoyed by everyone and we all left there more blessed than the kids no doubt. We had such a great group of people who even in the midst of a difficult place to break the ice were never hesitant to bring the love of the Lord.
The Lord also blessed us with a great hike up to the top of a huge cliff with views that were breathtaking.
The trip home was wonderfully uneventful and we are really glad to be home with hot water and a quiet place to sleep.
Please continue to pray for the work of the Lord in El Salvador. There are some amazing, faithful people there and I have no doubt the Lord’s blessing will be upon the things He calls them to do. But like anywhere there a planty of challenges and hardships so lift up them and their families, there is a wonderful group of our brothers and sisters living there and desiring to share the love of Christ with the people of El Salvador.