I wanted to post this interview that I did with Jed Gourley when he was here for our C.C. Philly Missions Conference this past May. (You can listen to his message from that conference in our Media section of this site).

Jed is a church planting missionary from Calvary Chapel that has served in Ukraine, and in Kyrgyzstan and is now leaving to go to the Republic of Georgia in the Caucus region of Eastern Europe.

I would ask that you be praying for Jed, Renee and their children as they once again pioneer a Calvary Chapel in a country where there are none, and in desperate need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for wisdom as they move into the capitol and start a Bible study.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide them the right place to live, and for many open doors as they share Christ with their neighbors and others that they meet each day.
  • Please also pray for leading and direction by the Holy Spirit in each step of this new adventure that the Lord has them on.

I’ll be updating the blog as I hear how things are going.

Thanks! Pastor Carlos

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