This is on the top of Masada.  These birds were just caching the updrafts and soaring all around us.  Our guide told us they would eat bread right out of our hands……she was right!  We were treated to an air show by two Israeli F16’s that were circling around us and “showing off” a little!  
The famous “Western Wall” in Jerusalem.  
Yesterday in the Muslim quarter of Old City (Jerusalem), I got to have a fresh cup of pomegranate juice…..ah, antioxidant heaven!  This was on top of the fresh squeezed orange juice I had about 2 hours earlier.  The pomegranates and oranges are grown in Israel, along with just about every other tropical fruit!
One of the highlights for me on the trip was the Garden of Gethsemane .  Here the Temple Mount is in the background with one of the 2,000 year old olive tree’s from the garden in the foreground.  Right in the middle is the Eastern Gate where one day the Messiah, Jesus Christ will walk through that gate and rule and reign in this, His Holy city!
This is on the Mount of Olives.