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Hot Dog Handout @ the Mall

After the last child left the Community Hall, we walked across the parking lot to the island’s mall area.  The complex hosts a Northern grocery store, post office, pharmacy, Deli, the Moose Cree government offices & a few other shops.  It’s the gathering place for both young and old who live on the island.
Pastor Josh and some brethren from Cree Gospel Chapel had already set up the grill, picnic tables and had the dogs fired up.  Our team armed with “Life in 6 Words gospel booklets & hot dogs in hand greeted those going in & out with a bite to eat & the Bread of Life.  Soon the tables were occupied by children, teens and adults.  Tracts were given, conversations started, the Gospel shared and invites to join us on Sunday morning were given.  After an 1.5 hours, our team left the mall area to return to the Chapel for dinner and preparation for the Youth Game Nite.  We learned that some significant Gospel sharing continued taking place with individuals at the outreach.
Hallelujah Jesus!