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Sweet, Sweet Sunday with the Saints

Sunday morning, one of the elders of Cree Gospel Chapel came by to pick up John Rogozinski and take him to the radio station.  Each Sunday morning there is a Gospel radio broadcast to Moose Factory & Moosonee.  Our John shared his testimony and God’s work of grace, goodness and power in his life with the island’s listening audience.

At 11am, we joined children and adults in worshipping the LORD at the Chapel.  We were blessed to see children from VBS as well as some visitors attending. I taught from Acts 20:28, 2 Timothy 3:15-17 & Psalm 19:7-11 on “The Word of His Grace”

After the study, the young men on the team went to the home of Zach & Bianca, our beloved fellow laborers in youth ministry to Moose Factory, to move a large boat and tear down a shed.  When you ask a junior or senior high student to tear down a structure, you get the greatest look of “this is too good to be true.”

At 4:30pm, our Moose Factory brethren gathered for a pot luck Feast that was mega memorable and delicious.  We dined on moose, goose, rabbit, pork, and much more.  We were honored with the generous and delectable hospitality.  After the feast we prepared for our Skype connection with the CCP Sunday night prayer folks.  It worked beautifully.  Afterwards we moved into the Sunday night study, joyously singing knowing the people of God were praying for us in Philly at that very moment.  Our students presented the “Everything” skit to the adults in attendance.  I then exhorted the congregation regarding God’s gracious commitment to rescue and return their prodigals by His great power.  The Biblical teaching was from Psalm 1.  At the conclusion of the teaching we prayed for the CGC congregation, turned and faced them & sang to our Far North family-“May the Grace of the LORD be with you, now & always may you stay blameless til He comes…”

We are leaving the island for the mainland Monday afternoon, we’ll rest in Cochrane Monday night and head out towards Philly on Tuesday morning.  Lord willing we’ll drive into the CCP parking lot around 10pm on Wednesday night.

Hallelujah Jesus!!!