We awakened Monday to a delicious Mexican breakfast prepared by a few of our sisters @ Capilla. After our personal quiet time in John’s Gospel our team gathered to Raise the Praise (sing unto the LORD)

One of the many privileges the LORD has granted us on this trip was transporting Mega Voice (solared powered Mp3 players) loaded with the New Testament in the Tarahumar Baja dialect. These will be used by the translation team (Don & Marie Burgess) and missionaries to this people group to evangelize, disciple & train indigenous leaders. What a joy to be a small part of Tarahumara hearing the good news of Jesus in their own heart language. Join us in praying for the Tarahumara that their ears & hearts would be prepared to hear, believe, receive & enjoy the One Who loved them & gave Himself for them.
Our ministry in Cuauhtemoc is in partnership with Capilla Puerta Del Manzano. Here are some of the adults & students serving Christ with us doing work projects, evangelism, & mercy ministry.

Monday morning we mixed cement, poured walkways and painted the skatepark & cafe walls. I don’t usually enlist our junior high students in painting in the U.S. (LOL) but they did a wonderful job painting South of the Border.