Hey everyone, I know it’s been awhile, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our trip to Mexico. I also wanted to say that those of you who have been looking for the messages of our missions conference this past May will find it on C.C. Philly’s homepage in the next couple of days, I promise. Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick note about a medical missions trip to El Salvador that I am praying about doing this October 19th – 27th. You guys will hear about it on Sunday, and it will be in the bulletin next week, but I wanted everyone who reads this to know about it and to pray that the Lord will raise up those from our congregation that He desires to come on this trip. Of course it’s coming up soon and I’m behind on the planning, but I really feel like we are to do this, and things are already coming together really fast, praise the Lord! As mentioned above, the tentative dates are October 19th – 27th. It’s an 8 day trip as opposed to a 14 day trip to Zambia. The good news is that it only takes about 5 hours to get there, and once we are there, we’re there – hardly any travel time! We are looking for nurses, dentists, hygienist’s, and Md’s to do some medical clinics in the mountains of El Salvador. We will be working with three smaller Calvary’s that we have developed a relationship with over the past couple of trips that we did there. I’m thinking we may do two days of clinics at each place. Also, we may work one day at the Children’s Hospital in San Salvador, and go to a service at the main Calvary Chapel there as well. Anyway, I wanted you guys to know, and to start praying about it if the Lord leads. Anyone who is interested can contact me at church, or can shoot me an email. Of course our main goal is to come alongside of the local Calvary’s there, and to tell people about the One who can cleanse them from sin and death. We want to see people saved, plugged into the local church, be rooted in Christ, and we will be using this medical outreach to facilitate that. So, if this trip is for you, pray about it, and contact me –