It’s been one year since a family from C.C. Philly left the United States and was sent to serve the Lord in a restricted Islamic country in Asia.  Below is a recap of their first year as well as some prayer points that we can all be praying for.  If you would like more information on how to support this family, please email Pastor Carlos Kalczuk the missions pastor at C.C. Philly –

“After concluding our first year here things have been quite busy both with the family, work, and outreach. There have been ups and downs with some of the relationships that the Father has opened for us. One of my young coworkers who I was reading the good news with obtained a visa to travel to the US for one year. He is currently living in the US and trying to find work there. This is great for him as he has dreamed about this since he was young but disappointing to me since we were just starting to study the word together. Please pray for him. Pray that the words that he read and heard from me would find good soil and grow. I had the privilege of sowing seeds in his heart and now someone else will water and nurture them.

Another athlete that I have shared about in the past who I had many in depth discussions with had to give up his dreams to be a professional fighter and get a normal day job. He was not receiving any real opportunities here to make enough money to support his wife and child. Since then, I have had almost no contact with him. He has been difficult to track down. Please pray that I will have an opportunity to reconnect with him and that he will read the good book that I gave him.

Just today I had two opportunities to share with people in the gym, both out of sad circumstances. One young girl who cleans the gym was acting funny this morning and when I asked her if she was okay, she showed me her arm. Last night her husband got drunk and beat her with something iron, she said. Her entire arm was black and blue and at least one of her fingers appeared to be broken. She seemed surprised when I told her that I would pray not just for her healing but for her husband as well. When asked, I told her about what Jesus had done in my life and how he healed and cleansed my heart. I told her that I would pray for the same for her and her husband. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence where we are. Most women expect abuse and see it as normal.

Later this morning I was speaking with another new athlete who shared with me several weeks ago that she is recovering from a severe bout of depression and is now ready to get herself back together physically as well. Today, she asked me after class if I could help her find a mental health counselor. I told her that I would look around but then shared the good news with her and how our heavenly father could heal her mind and more importantly, her heart. She seemed very receptive and when I told her that I would pray for her, she exploded into tears. I was very moved at this display of emotion and she texted me later saying how much it meant to her that someone said that. Please pray for me to have more opportunities to share with these two women. I am conscious of the cultural issues here with sharing with them, but father has now given me multiple opportunities to speak into the lives of at least six women here in the gym.

The kids start school at the end of next week! They are actually excited. They have had a summer mixed with boredom and day trips with friends. Several new families arrived over the summer so they have made some new friends and are looking to spend more time with them as the school year begins. Please pray for them as they transition into the academic season.

Lastly, my wife and I have an opportunity to attend an international conference for like-minded workers in October. It is being hosted by our sending fellowship and all the attendees will be from various fellowships of the same sending body from all over the US. I am also currently preparing to travel south of our border and spend a week or so in the capital city. There has been much in the news lately to dissuade anyone from traveling there but of course nothing is ever reported about the amazing things that father is doing there. I have met a brother there who is interested in partnering with me for sports/gym outreach. I have also been invited to travel to a remote area in the mountainous regions there where no one is or has ever been working to our knowledge. In preparation for this and future trips, Lord willing, I have begun language lessons to supplement my current studies. Please pray for provision for both of these trips. They are both very important for our continued work here and we are trusting father to provide for us to go. Also, pray for my protection in the event I am able to travel south. I am taking all precautions but it is not Disneyland.”