Well, if your reading this, you can see that our Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia Missions Blog has undergone a major (and much needed) upgrade. Much thanks to Bill who put lots of time into this new layout, and design. With this new look will be coming a renewed commitment (on my end) to post more about what is going on here at C.C. Philly in regards to fulfilling our missions vision, as well as more post of articles that will help to equip us all for the task at hand – completing this Great Commission!

Now, speaking of finishing the task at hand – I wanted to share with you guys a great website appropriately named “Finish the Task”. You can get to it by clicking HERE. The purpose of the website is to get the church to engage in reaching those people groups around the world that currently have no churches working with them, and no witness for Christ among them.

“Today there are currently 639 unengaged, unreached people groups with populations over 100,000, together numbering over 535,000,000 souls that are still beyond the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are spiritually lost, and helpless like sheep having no Shepherd. Among them Christ remains unknown, unacknowledged, and unadorned.”

Go on their site, it’s great. When you go on, you can also see some updates on some of these groups, and how they have now been adopted by some churches. That being said, though they have been adopted, the work is far from over! I think on average your looking at a 30-50 year commitment to really influence these people groups in all areas regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m praying that this site will motivate you to pray for these groups, and also to ask the Lord what part you should play in getting the gospel out to them. I can tell you that our church will be adopting another people group to go along with the Tarahumara of Northern Mexico who we adopted years ago and have seen the N.T. translated, and Lord willing will soon see the complete Bible translated in their language. We are praying about two specific groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that are very closely related to the groups that we are working with in Northern Zambia. The difference is that no one is currently working with these groups (one of them is 800,000 strong) ! Please ask the Lord to give us wisdom on choosing this people group, and then wisdom as we begin to start forming a plan to reach them, and to begin to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The area that they are in is extremely remote, so please also pray that we can make the right connections in regards to traveling to them in the most safe and timely manner.

I’ll be keeping you posted in regards to this group, as well as what we will be doing this summer. All very exciting stuff ! Check back soon for more updates.