Hello everyone, I wanted to write a quick post about our Missions Conference that took place on Saturday, May 21st.  As usual, the Lord spoke in a powerful way through each speaker, and all 500-600 people that gathered here at C.C. Philly were challenged, encouraged, and blessed.  From the powerful testimony of Daniel Massieh, to the challenges put forth by our keynote speaker Matt Ellison, the Lord was moving on the hearts of those who came.  I would encourage you guys that were not able to attend to purchase the MP3’s or the DVD’s (4 DVS’s total) here at C.C. Philly.  You can either come to the church and get them in person, or call the church office at 215-969-1520 to order them over the phone.  Lord willing, we will be offering some of the teachings as a vimeo stream that can be accessed right from our website.  I am grateful for the Lord moving, and answering our prayers for the conference, and I’m already looking forward to what He is going to do next year!