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Tuesday morning we were grateful to pick up our vans at the barge landing & return to the chapel with the food we packed, air mattresses, sports equipment & VBS supplies. After breakfast, the rest of the morning was spent in music, craft, & skit preparation for the VSB running five days, Tuesday thru Saturday.

The VBS is taking place at the Community Hall, in the area containing the Moose Cree council, ERP (police, fire, Red Cross) and shopping mall.  The VBS would run from 1:30pm to 4pm on Tuesday through Saturday.  The theme of the week is “Who is Jesus”, looking at the birth, life, We prepared to meet and greet arriving children at the door as the beloved of the LORD.  We received the blessed surprise that instead of the 50 or so children we expected on the first day-over 80 children attended as well as 10 or more teenagers.  Our time with the children runs from 1:30pm to 4pm.  The theme is “Who is Jesus?”, covering the birth, life, death, resurrection & return of our Lord.  There’s singing, Bible teaching, crafts, snack, and games.

Around 6:30pm a small team of our host pastor Josh Oestreich, two of our adult staff & seven students visited the Weeneebayko General Hospital, which services the whole James Bay community.  They hosted a time of singing, scripture reading & Bible exhortation for patients who attended.  As the team was leaving the hospital, they passed the chapel where a large family had gathered for a memorial.  Recognizing pastor Josh O., they asked if the team would sing a couple songs which they did-Jesus loves me this I know & What a Friend we have in Jesus, then pastor Josh read from the Psalms.

At 7pm we were honored to host a Men’s fellowship at the chapel and a Women’s fellowship at the Oestreich’s home.  Without previous discussion, both fellowships addressed confession (walking in the light), prayer, the greatness of God’s grace and His faithfulness.

Many our praying for us, the chapel, the people of Moose Factory and we are the recipients of the Lord’s hand being upon us for the good.

Hallelujah Jesus!