Here is the latest update from the team:

After arriving in Kasempa in the middle of the week, the team dived right into the work laid out for them. The radio tower is up to 90 ft. (out of 100) already, and is now almost complete. Everything has gone great with the building of the tower, and the rains have held off (which is key). The heat has not, however, and the guys climbing the tower are getting red being up there! But everyone is rejoicing that the Lord has prospered their work so far. Lumba Radio 90.7 FM is a joint effort between Calvary Chapel Philadelphia, Galcom International, and Lumba Christian Ministries, and many other friends and prayer partners. This is the only radio station in the area.

Carlos taught the weekend gathering of the school of ministry friday night and saturday night. The men were excited to receive handouts with Carlos’ study on missions. There was a very large turnout on friday night especially.

Today some members of the team were able Got to visit the nearby leper colony. They found that a family of hippos had recently come up and destroyed the crops which support the little community, and they are now struggling to eat. Ron & Bridget and the local missions hospital (Mukinge) will be working to help repair the fields. Carlos is planning to return to the leper colony tomorrow.

Information and pictures are also being posted by ron at the Lumba website.

Please continue to pray!