That’s the view we are blessed by each morning from the view of our dormitory at Capilla

In the morning we took our convoy of vans to a nursing home to be with, care for, show Jesus’ love & share His good news with the residents. While a some team members played guitar and song praise songs in Spanish others were Jesus’ hands & feet to individuals as they their brushed hair, lotioned their hands, listened to their stories (such as meeting Pancho Villa as a child) and told them the good news of Jesus. This is a picture of Manuel, who is now 98 years old. A few years ago in 2005, while he was 95 he received Christ as Savior.

This gentleman was deeply touched as these two students patiently shared the gospel & prayed with him to receive Christ. I had the privilege of standing near them & watching them love & lead him to Christ. How the angels must have Raised the Praise as He was born again.

After lunch and a rain shower we loaded up to visit the Ceremi, Cuauhtemoc’s youth detention center. It had rained much of the day so our plans to play basketball, volleyball & soccer with the residents didn’t pan out. In 2005 I blew up my knee playing on a dry court who knows what would have happened to me on a puddle covered surface (LOL).
The director of the center cleared out the front lobby area so we could come be with and share our ministry with the residents. Our presentation consisted of the martial arts demo, a couple testimonies and the Champion drama. After the drama Zach explained the gospel and invited the young men to give their lives to Christ. The four in attendance prayed to receive Christ and became our new brothers. We were blessed with some beautiful soccer shirts with the Icthus (Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior) on the back. Pray for the young men below that each would continue to grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Upon returning to Capilla some of our students assisted our team electrician Francesco in digging a trench crossing the driveway from office to café. I must take off my hat to those who dug ditches for a living. Electrical cable was laid, connection was made & driveway lighting was installed.