So things started off a little rough with rain for the first 4 hours of our outreach, but after lunch the skies cleared and the sun came out and cooked us all! I hear it’s snowing there today and I wish I had some of that cold right about now! It’s about 85 and sunny, but it feels like 100 lol!

Ministry went very well. We had over 200 kids that we were ministering to, many hearing the gospel, and responding. We also got to share with many of the people who came to receive medical care. Many received prayer, heard the gospel, and received Christ. The great thing is that there is a local church on this island that CC Entebbe is working closely with to provide the pastor with training. he teaches the Word, and this is a good start for them.

Please continue to pray strength as the days quickly become long, and fatigue is always nearby. We are all doing great, and excited for what the Lord is doing. I’ll try to update again on Wednesday with some pics from the guys building the church on Nangombe – we’ll see them on Wednesday afternoon.