For the first time we had city permits to do ministry at the Overlook Park (not what it’s called in Spanish) the highest point in the city. We loaded the vans and headed out not knowing what to expect & having no idea the beauty we’d behold as we could see for miles in various directions. We took our team picture along with the brethren from Capilla who have been doing ministry with us.

The park was a place for families to stroll, bikers to bike, sk8teboarders to skate, athletes to work out and people to chill as they beheld the sublime beauty of the mountains before them. We set up our equipment, invited folks to join us, cranked up some tunes and prayed for the Holy Spirit to draw Whom He would & make much of Jesus in & through us.

As a crowd gathered Dean introduced our team. The Doctor skit broke the ice & brought much laughter. The martial arts team gave an exciting & skillful demo which led to the Champion drama. After the drama, Ed presented the Gospel and gave an invitation to come to Christ. No one came to the front but some raised their hands and our ministry teams engaged those who remained & preached Jesus. The LORD was with us & drew many to Himself.

Here are some of our new brothers & sisters in Christ. The first group of young men who responded was a coach & members of a team that plays American football. They were at the park to run hills but by divine appointment they now belong to Christ. Pray that they would each grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus.

Pray that the LORD would lead them to a fellowship of believers to be fed & discipled.

We will be returning to the Overlook Park for a second night of ministry on Friday at 6:30pm. We covet your prayers.