Hello everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update. Everyone is doing well – nobody has gotten sick, and everyone is in good spirits. We had church yesterday at CC Ndola where Mike and I taught through Daniel 1 and 2. We had a great time of fellowship with everyone there, and felt very loved by the church there. Later in the afternoon (and every afternoon during the week) we went to a community center where the church will be meeting along with friends that have been invited – and we are going to go through the book of Daniel, teaching a chapter or 2 each night. Last night we taught through Ch 3 and tonight, Pastor Ackson will be teaching through Ch 4. Pastor Ackson said that it was good for the church to learn about prophecy and the last days.

This morning we went to a home for the aged – basically a place where about 20 very old Zambians are being taken care of – I think the home was startd by the Salvation Army – but it is very uncommon here in Zambia. We shared some worship songs with them, shared some scripture, gave testimonies, performed a skit, and gave out food and cards that we had previously wrote out for them. It was a true blessing on both sides. Tomrrow we will be going to the Children’s hospital, so please keep that in prayer. I will try to include some pictures next, but we’ll see if it actually works, as the computer I am on is about 12 years old! Thanks for your prayers, I will continue to update throughout the week.