During February 1st – 5th Operation World has us praying for Europe. First off let me write that if you don’t know what Operation World is, then you need to know, then you need to get a copy!  According to the front cover, Operation World is “A Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation” and it will greatly help you as you can pray for specific prayer needs for every country throughout the world!  You can read more about it on a previous post that I wrote HERE.

As I have been reading about Europe over the last couple of days, I was shocked by some of the stats that were given. I am definitely guilty of turning my head away from Europe when thinking about “Unreached” peoples but as I continued to read about post-Christian Europe, I was shocked to learn that in 17 European countries Evangelicals account for less than 1%, and out of those 17 countries, 5 countries have a percentage of less than 0.25%!

I think over the next two posts I’m going to include some of the prayer points that are in Operation World regarding Europe, and will also talk about some statistics about post-Christian Europe that have caused me to really seek the Lord for a revival amongst such a spiritually lost people. I hope that these statistics will cause you to do the same.

Under “Trends to Watch” O.W. has written, “Cynicism is now apparently the ‘ism’ of choice, as the younger generation increasingly disengages from traditional civic responsibility, such as politics, and community service, and feels alienated from older generations. The elevation of the individual and instant gratification spur on hedonistic, nihilistic lifestyles that often end in dysfunction, emptiness, loneliness and despair.”

They also write that “Traditional values regarding the family, childbirth, marriage, sexuality, sanctity of life, and community are being dismantled not just culturally, but also legally. These have severe repercussions in the areas of demographic decline, future economic burdens and psychological and social health. As traditional foundations of healthy societies are deconstructed in Europe, some suggest the term “sociocide’, self-aware civilizational suicide, as an adequate description”.

Also – Freedom of public religious expression continues to erode. It is acceptable to have religious faith as long as it remains a thoroughly private affair that is not inflicted upon the secular public in any way. The EU presses on with legislation that attempts to safeguard freedoms of human rights, but in doing so they virtually shackle the public practice of Biblical faith!

Please pray along with me that the few believers that are living in these countries would boldly proclaim the good news regardless of the cost. I’m praying that the disillusionment with the emptiness of enforced secularism will lead to a mass of young people seeking real Truth, and joy to fill their lonely hearts.  I’ll write more later.