I know many of you are familiar with PUMA, and all the great stuff that is going on in Nepal through their ministry- the medical clinics, the childrens home in Katmandu, the churches planted, the Pastors Conference recently held there, etc etc. PUMA is one of CC Philly’s missions partners, and they are requesting prayer at this time. I got this email today from Mary Ellen who overseas the childrens home in Kathmandu. Here is what she says….

We’re asking for prayer here. The news has shown that good ole Kathmandu is out of fuel, well almost, but life in general is at a slow pace. There are not many vehicles barreling up and down our road, because there is no fuel. This crunch is beginning to hit us here in the children’s home. There is no fuel to drive the tankers that carry the water and cooking gas to our homes. These are services we have on a weekly basis, but it’s all stopped now. As I was searching the newspaper this morning, it’s amazing how quickly people in Nepal revert back to their ox pulled buggys and transporting stuff on animal or man pulled vehicles. Nepal is always ready to take a step back in time to before civilization, how surprising this is to an American. It’s so not the American way. These folks know their country and know if all else fails we can go back to the middle ages. Please pray for us, we’re out of fuel, (1 canister left at the girls home and 1/2 canister left at the boys home & water supply will be dwindling, not a problem yet, but we’re making plans to preserve what we have) The boys actually had to cook their dinner on a wood fire outside last night. Oh dear! But on the upside, hey it’s like camping out, right? Many schools are closed because there is no gas for the buses that carry the kids to school. Our kids are still going to school, as of yesterday, but we’ll see what tomorrow holds. We expect that if something doesn’t give, that’ll stop too.Please pray for the country of Nepal.
Thank you,
Mary Ellen

So I would ask you to pray that the Lord would be with Mary Ellen, and with Franny there at the girls home. That He would give them wisdom on how to prepare for what may be a crisis, but also, that the Lord would work everything out for fuel to again arrive in the city. I’ll keep you guys updated as soon as I hear more.