M2M (Mission 2 Mexico) 2008
Tomorrow (Sat.) morning we depart Philly for El Paso & the 7-8 hour drive Sunday morning to Cuauhtemoc City, Chihuahua State, Mexico. Our team of 45 consists of adults, junior high & high school students. On Wednesday night we were blessed to be prayed for & encouraged by Pastor Joe & the congregation at Calvary Chapel Philly.

Our tentative itinerary is as follows:

Saturday, July 5th
· 6am Fly to El Paso, Texas to pick up our 4 passenger & cargo van.
· Rest of the day: ministry site prep, fellowship, feast & a good nite’s sleep
Sunday, July 6th
· Morning: Enter Mexico via Santa Theresa, NM. & travel 7 hours to Cuauhtemoc.
· Evening: Meet with leadership of CPDM (Capilla Puerta Del Manza
Monday, July 7th
· Morning: Construction/Painting with Capilla
· Evening: Outreach @ Esperanza Park (includes karate demo, skits & drama)
Tuesday, July 8th
· Morning: Neighborhood clean up & evangelism
· Rest of the day: (includes karate demo, skits & drama)
Outreach @ CEREMI (youth detention center)
Outreach @ Nursing Home
Wednesday, July 9th
· Morning: Adventure Day @ Crash Run Park
· Evening: Service @ Capilla (Team will sing & Gil will teach)
Thursday, July 10th
· Morning: VBS for 150-200 children @ Capilla
· Evening: Outreach @ San Antonio Park (includes karate demo, skits & drama)
Friday, July 11th
· Morning: VBS @ Capilla
· Evening: Outreach @ Mirador Park (includes karate demo, skits & drama)
Saturday, July 12th
· Karate demos @ the city’s downtown gymnasium at Noon & 3 pm. (There will be face painting & balloons for children/youth, fun giveaways, drama & evangelism)
Sunday, July 13th
· Morning: Service @ Capilla
· Afternoon: Conclusion of VBS
· Evening: Outreach @ San Antonio or Esperanza Park
Monday, July 14th
· Morning: Team Debriefing
· Afternoon: Fellowship Feast with CPDM’s young people
· Evening: Prep for return journey to El Paso
Tuesday, July 15th
· Morning: Depart for El Paso
· Evening: Raise the Praise & Rejoice 2gether in the Greatness of our God
Wednesday, July 16th
· Depart El Paso @ 8 am & Arrive in Philly 4:45 pm


· The unity of the Holy Spirit 2 bind us together in genuine and fervent love 4 each other-that we would be known as disciples of Christ.
· That our devotional times chewing on the Gospel of John would be fresh, alive, satisfying as we are to Jesus Christ & captivated by Him.
· Safe travel as we drive the highways & streets of Mexico.
· Physical, emotional & spiritual health of each team member.
· A Holy Spirit stirring upon and among the people of the colonia (neighborhood) surrounding CPDM.
· The LORD to touch individuals with His love, grace and power at the open air ministry sites.
· Joy, strength and energy for our Karate demo team members & unction to preach Christ.
· That our drama “The Champion” would communicate the gospel simply and powerfully through the Holy Spirit.
· Most of all – that we would each apprehend that for which Christ Jesus has apprehended us. Growing greatly in our personal desire for Him, devotion to Him and delight in Him.