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Hello everyone.  I just wanted to post a little article about our two brothers from Calvary Philly Paul and Igor who minister in Northern Siberia, Russia in an area called Yamal.  The area is filled with local Nenet people who are unreached, and unengaged.  This means that there is no local reproducing church, and that many have not even heard the gospel before.  The Nenet people have no Bible in their native language.  Each year, Paul and Igor and a small team go to villages throughout the area of Yamal, Siberia to share the love of Christ with them through a variety of different ways.  They usually go for one month in the middle of winter  (see past posts about there last winter trip), and for five or six weeks in the summer.  On the trip that they are currently on, they will be ministering the gospel through children’s camps, concerts, and various other gatherings where the Bible will be taught, and the gospel presented.  In the summer, the only way to travel to some of these villages is to take a boat a couple of days journey.  There are no roads, or electricity in many of these villages which makes it extrmelly difficult to get to.  Paul informed me that the boat they had been using got stuck on a sand bar in the middle of the freezing river for over three days!  They had to pray for a way to get unstuck, and the Lord delivered them through giving Paul a vision on how to get the boat off of the sand bar!  Anyway, they are currently ministering to that area through music via a Christian band that they are in which will go to some of these villages and share music, but more importantly, the love of Christ.  Please be praying for them over the next couple of weeks, that the Lord would keep them safe, and that many would hear the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, and give their lives to Him.  Please also pray that they can find someone who is called to stay in the area in order to teach these people the Word of God all throughout the year.  It is definitely a hard way of life in the arctic, but the Lord loves these people, and they need to hear that!  I will have Paul and Igor write more about their trip when they get back.  For more information on the Nenet people, click on this LINK.