Hello everyone, sorry that I have not updated in a couple of days, we have been very busy here in Ndola, and I haven’t had the time to ge away. I also wanted to apologize that I haven’t been able to upload pictures. It’s not from a lack of trying, that’s for sure. It took me an hour to try to upload 2 the other day, than they never went through!

So yesterday we went to a High School and met with there Scripture Union (a Christian club). There were about 100 of them, and we worshiped together and broke up into groups and shared prayer requests, and prayed with each other. I think for most of our team it was one of the highlights so far. After a short message of encouragment from the Word, we departed and went to the community center to worship with CC Ndola, and study Daniel ch 9 and 10.

This morning we met CC Ndola at the local soccer pitch and had a game of football (american soccer) with them. I have to say that it was a great game, but in the end, CC Philly came away with the win – mostly because we had Harrison our driver on our side, and he used to play Club football here in Zambia : ) In about an hour we are going to join up with CC Ndola for a local Zambian meal together, and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening encouraging one another in the Lord, and really just spending time with our new friends.

Please continue to pray for us as tomorrow we will have to say goodbye to the church as we need to leave for Lusaka on Monday morning. It will be hard, but I know the Lord will strengthen both sides, until we see each other again.

I’ll try to update some more, and upload pictures when we get back to Lusaka as the internet there is more reliable. Everyone is healthy, and besides being tired from the football game this morning (elevation is around 3,500 ft here) they are all doing good.