above – Pastor Joe praying for our team before we leave.

Well, the time has indeed come for us to leave. Lots of preperation and prayer have been put in over the last couple of weeks, and our departure is rapidly approaching. There will be an insert in our bulletin this Sunday with a prayer guide so that the congregation can pray for us each day, and for the specific ministries that we will be involved in. I figured I would post it up here as well. I will aslo be posting pictures and having some of the kids write on the blog during our trip, so please continue to check this site during the next two weeks.
Campo Mourão (where the Bible College is) • 6/13 – 6/ 18

Friday June 13
4:00 pm Arrive at Bible College in Campo Mourão
Rest of day: Rest, prepare for ministry

Saturday, June 14
Ministry in nearby underprivileged village (Including Evangelistic outreach)
Night: Street evangelistic in Campo Mourão

Sunday, June 15
Morning Church Service at College
Afternoon Church/Evangelistic Service in a park in Campo Mourão
(Mike, Carlos or Brian will be teaching)
Evening: Street evangelism in Campo Mourão

Monday, June 16
3 Outreaches to 2 shifts of students at a high school in Campo Mourão
Boys Prison outreach (Men only)
Ministry with a College English Class

Tuesday, June 17
High school outreach
Evening: Youth Night at Church in Campo Mourão
(we’ll be inviting all young people from high schools to this event)

Wednesday, June 18
2 VBS programs for children from underprivileged village near college
Evening: Church Service at Bible College (Mike, Carlos or Brian teaching)
Evening: Church Service

Iguazu Falls • 6/19 – 6/24
Thursday, June 19
Travel to city of Iguazu Falls (Foz do Iguacu)
Evening: Service at Calvary Chapel Foz

Friday, June 20
Street Evangelism in Foz

Saturday, June 21
1-Day Church retreat for Calvary Chapel Foz
(Mike, Carlos, and Brian Teaching)

Sunday, June 22
Morning: Street Evangelism in Foz

Monday, June 23
High school/English outreaches in Foz

Tuesday, June 24
Free Day. See Iguazu Falls and prep for return journey.
Evening: Depart Foz to Sao Paulo.
Night: Depart Sao Paulo to JFK

Wednesday, June 25
7:30 am Arrive at JFK

Please Pray for:
• Opportunities, boldness, and the witness of the Spirit on the streets & in the high schools
• Many young people to respond to the gospel and the invitation to youth
night on Tuesday 6/17
• The edification of the churches in Campo & Foz, and the unity, health, and saftey of our group.