Hi everyone.  Over the last couple of days, I have been updating the parents of each student that is in Zambia, and I figured I would update the blog for those who are praying for their missions trip.  They are working with Pastor Ackson, and our friends at Calvary Chapel in Ndola, Zambia.  They will be there until June 30th.  Here are two emails that I sent regarding their trip.

Saturday, June 18th. “Hi guys/girls, just wanted to let you all know that I spoke with Brian this morning and he said they are all doing well. They were eating breakfast and getting ready to drive to Ndola. He said the flights were good and that everyone was in good spirits (though they are tired). All the bags came and everything has been very smooth so far- praise the Lord!

Monday, June 20th. “Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I spoke with Brian about 30 mins ago.  I wanted to get an update on how things went at C.C. Ndola yesterday, and evangelizing in the marketplace today.  First let me assure you that everyone is healthy and doing well.  No one is sick.  As I was talking to him, they were making dinner.  Brian said that yesterday’s church service went really well.  He said one of the things that struck him about the church this time was the number of young adults that were there, and how excited they were to meet the team.  Brian said after church they went to one of the elders houses and had a prayer meeting specifically for the days of evangelism in the marketplace.  The Lord answered those prayers.  Brian said that the time they all had sharing Christ in the marketplace today went very, very ,well.  He said everyone was so open, and they just talked, and talked to everybody throughout the entire day.  He said that he really believes there were people who genuinely gave their lives to Christ.  Please keep on praying that the Lord would continue to give them open doors to share the love of Christ tomorrow as they will be in the same place. Brian said based on everyone who told them they were going to come out to the Youth Conference on Saturday, Pastor Ackson was beginning to think that they may need to get a bigger place to hold everyone!  Brian also told me that the CC Philly youth and the CC Ndola youth have a soccer match on Thursday playing against the youth of a local Baptist church. That should be interesting! ”

More to come ! Keep praying!