We had a full day ahead of us. It would begin with worship & the Word with our brethren at Capilla, continue with the wrap up of VBS, go karting at Crash Run park and conclude with the presentation of an original song written and played by team member Corey Walters.

We first began ministering with Capilla during the summer of 2001. Every year we’ve returned we have rejoiced at the growth of the congregation in both quantity and discipleship. The sanctuary was full and more precious people were still arriving. We rejoiced to see faces of individuals who received Christ during the week. Capilla’s worship team led us in praise singing & then Doug and Donna Walters led the congregation’s singing of Breath & Open the Eyes of My Heart in Spanish.

We were honored that our ministry coincided with a mini Tarahumara missions presentation. Mission works in La Mesa, Cuiteco, & Sigurichi was displayed in the various children’s ministry room. Here are the missionaries & their families. Please pray for an Jesus movement among the Tarahumara & open doors to reach them in the cities, villages & mountains.

Once more I was given the honor of dedicating a son of Enrique & Laura Robledo. In 2006 it was Aaron & on Sunday it was Adrian. I don’t know what goes through pastor Joe Focht’s mind during a baby dedication but the persistent thought in mine was “Lord, help me not to drop this baby”.

I then had the privilege of sharing God’s Word with congregation. My interpreter Andres did an excellent job.

After the study it was the close of our VBS. There was an inflatable, clown, train, candy, & lots of laughter.

In the early evening we strapped into the one & two passenger go karts at Crash Run & the race was on. When we returned to Capilla we gathered to hear a song Corey wrote and played-what a precious & powerful song. The team rejoiced together at what the LORD has done & is doing in each of our lives.

All on the team are doing well (spirit, soul & body). We plan on leaving Capilla to drive to El Paso on Tuesday morning at 10am (Noon EST). Thank U for praying with & for us. The LORD has done, is doing & will continue to do great things in, with, for & through us.