Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. the small “internet cafe” in the town has been down for weeks now. I was able to rig something up with a top-up phone card and laptop in order to get online for a couple of minutes. Thanks for all of your prayers. Things have been going really, really well. On the tower side of things, the tower (all 100ft) of it is all up. The antenna’s and wire are all connected, and we are now working on connecting everything in the actual radio station room in order to get everything running. We will be making some test broadcasts later today (Tuesday). The town is very excited, and when up and running will be sending signal 40 miles away ! This again will be the first F.M. radio station in the entire area!

On the teaching side of things, I have been able to teach to different pastors and church leaders almost everyday including at the School of Ministry at Lumba Ministries. It’s been a blessing to seek the Lord with these pastors – some of them having walked 30 miles (2 days) to attend the day of teaching! Tomorrow we will travel to a village 60 km away to meet with pastors and teach the Word, and seek the Lord together (it’s close to Kafue National Park) way out in the bush! We ar expecting many to come. Please keep that in prayer.

We spent an awesome day with the orphans on Sunday. We had a great time playing ball, and other games. We had a great big meal for them, and then passed out some Calvary Cougars shirts as well as other supplies. The joy in the eyes was very evident! We ended with a time of teaching from the Word, then some worship and prayer. It was a great day.

Please continue to pray for wisdom to finish the final touches with the radio station so that is can be fully functional before we leave. Please also pray for a safe journey as we head back to Lusaka on Thursday or Friday. I will try to update when we get to Lusaka. Thanks again for all of your prayers, we have felt them, and seen the power of God taken place in so many areas! (I’ll share those stories later) !